Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Door Knob

This is on the door between my kitchen and laundry room. One said there is a little problem with the perspective, and one said he didn't see any problem. What do you think? oil on canvas 10 X 8. Purchase for $120 unframed.


Sheila said...

The perspective in relation with the knob and the door jamb is fine. I think the first 'one' may be trying to figure out the reflection on the top of the knob. It appears the reflection is either on an indented knob or the reflection is not perfectly placed. Regardless of this, this is a fine painting and not a to scale reproduction for a science manual.

Carol Horzempa said...

This is a beautiful rendition of a door knob. I love the colors, reflection and depth you created. Perspective? I don't see a problem with it, it's the feeling you created that is important.

Mona said...

Todd, Enjoyed seeing some of your lovely work tonite, including this knob.

I've had the good fortune of visiting out where you live with some Hood River friends of mine in 2005, and it is gorgeous (not to make a gorge pun!) Took some pictures of Horse Thief Butte and other scenes that I still look forward to painting back here in Brooklyn.